The Lucky Ladybug

Little Ladybug is the personification of luck and is thought to hold the golden thread leading to the center of the Universe, the discovery of past lives, regeneration and protection.

Sometimes it will come close to us to warn us of a lack of balance or of oppressed feelings that can cause emotional pain, poor judgment, and self sabotage. As a healer of the heart, it will help us chase our dreams.

In many countries like Russia, Turkey and Italy to see a Ladybug is a call to make a wish or a sign that soon a wish will be realized. In Asia it symbolizes love and it is said that if you catch a Ladybug and let it go free, it will go to your true love to whisper your name to his/her ear.

So, if it comes to you, do not hurt it and do not persecute it because you will persecute your luck. Talk to it and let it go to fulfill your wish. Perform the Ladybug meditation, as mentioned in the Book of Totems, to meet it and change your life forever!  Join the Totem Group to meet other people like you!

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