Every human being, before being born, makes a contract of life with the animals of Power that will accompany him in this lifetime. They are protectors, healers, guides and friends whose main goal is the well-being and self-improvement of their human being.

Do you want to meet personally and connect with your own Totems? To know the reasons why they exist in your life? To learn how they can help you in the various areas that concern you practically and with duration?

Book now the acquaintance and connection sessions with your personal Power animals. Take the Totem Test for FREE HERE and fill in your details below including your own Totem animals. We will contact you to plan session time.

It’s three online sessions, that the first two consist of meeting your two animals of Power, while in the third we deepen their role in your own life practically but also in the psychological /spiritual/ therapeutic help that they can offer you.

The sessions are personalized and are offered at the temporary total acquaintance price of 45 euros.