Description of your totem


The patient and persistent Ant is a hard-working and disciplined creature who will sacrifice itself for the community and will teach you how to become the architect of your own life and how to cooperate with others.”


The misunderstood Bat is a deep and extremely social creature that symbolizes intuition and initiation and can help those that are serious at breaking through their illusions and reaching at the heart of the matter and to their highest potential.”


The powerful and protective Bear is a peaceful and kind-hearted creature, that can become a fierce protector to defend its loved ones and that can teach us introspection and awakening.”


The wise and fertile Bee is the totem that can help us with communication and social networking. This well organized creature can bring order and spiritual treasures and remind us to enjoy life.”


The powerful and stable Buffalo symbolizes abundance and forecast reminding us that all things are connected and teaching us about survival and respect.”


The methodical and protective Bull, symbol of wealth, passion and transformation, can teach how to control ourselves, use our inner strength and win in life through stability and hard work.”


The happy Butterfly, a creature of the air and symbol of resurrection, transformation and creativity, can teach us how to honor our inner beauty and move gracefully through the difficulties of life.”


The Camel is a symbol of survival and endurance and is also positive, patient, stubborn and ready to guide us to freedom and teach us intrepidity and intuition.”


The mysterious and independent Cat is the guardian of other worlds and is associated with psychic powers and the shift of reality. Intelligent and unforeseeable, it knows much more than it shows.”


The patient cow is the symbol of maternity and abundance. It is considered to be sacred and it can teach us how to take care of others without losing our own truth by following them blindly.”


The Crab is a symbol of the moon, emotions and rebirth. It can teach us how to protect and move on our path using indirect ways or by following the lesser known paths that can prove to be more effective.”


The Crocodile represents the instinct of survival and the ancient primordial energy. It is patient and protective and can help us in realizing our fears and in connecting to the subconscious and the opinions of our shadow.”


The clever Crow symbolizes the mind and is relevant to magic and death. It is a messenger of the inner worlds, guardian of deep secrets and it represents the dark side of the soul.”


The kind and graceful Deer represents sensitivity, compassion and beauty. Extremely spiritual, benign and humble, it can teach us herbal therapy and how to view life like a game.”


The loyal and protective Dog shows unconditional love and guards the realities beyond the physical plain. It represents courage and can teach us credibility and friendship above and beyond the human weaknesses.”


The playful, kind and generous Dolphin is very smart and takes care of others. It is in between worlds and it symbolizes the sun and the moon. It can teach us how to breath in the right way and self-expression.”


The powerful and protective Dragon represents wisdom and authority, it is the embodiment of the primitive power and it encourages us to discover ourselves and see the wonders and mysteries of the world.”


The Eagle is a symbol of light, observation, focus and insight and can teach us how to work smart and not hard. It personifies the divine strength that can help us in the development of ourselves.”


The wise Earthworm is the guardian of the ground that feeds and takes care of the earth and it feeds off it. It is a healer, has the capability of rebirth and disguise and can tech us how to respect the earth.”


The loyal and smart Elephant is a calm force that defends and cares about others. It is a symbol of good luck and protection and it teaches us how to overcome our problems in a mild manner.”


The clever Fox symbolizes strategy and adaptability and it dynamically concentrates to its target. It can teach us how to blend with the environment and use all of our resources to attain our goals.”


The Frog symbolizes abundance, luck, transformation and the transition from one situation to another. It works with the purifying powers of the water for spiritual and emotional healing and can help us in our personal evolution.”


The transparent and seemingly vulnerable Jellyfish is a symbol of inner strength and truth, but also of dangerous beauty and it can teach us how to go with the flow and trust All in our lives.”


The elegant Giraffe is a link between the earth and the sky and it can sense the future and those that lie beyond the horizon. It’s flexible and can teach us to be silent and to balance our speech.”


The loyal and devoted Goose is the protector of the house and symbol of companionship and communication. As a gifted navigator it will teach us how to find our way through the problems and the doubts using our instinct.”


The sympathetic, protective and kind Gorilla is a symbol of strength, responsibility and balance and it can teach us how to find and recognize those characteristics inside ourselves and how to react in moderation.”


The methodical and focused Hawk is a symbol of spirit and victory upon obstacles and a messenger between the visible and the invisible worlds. It encourages us to make a strategy to achieve our goals.”


The elegant and strong Horse is a creature of movement and an emblem of vital force and freedom. It can act as a messenger of spiritual knowledge and it represents the continuation of life and astral travel.”


The happy Hummingbird is a small bird that symbolizes eternity and continuity and it can teach us how to enjoy life and have hope and how to expand our perception and achieve the impossible.”


The smart and introverted Jackal is the protector of travelers to the astral plane, it mates for life and it will teach us how to live in the present and accept changes.”


The overprotective Kangaroo is a symbol of survival and sexuality. It is a peaceful animal that will fight hard when it has to defend itself and it will teach us its unique way of breathing as well as how to expand ourselves.”


The happy and lucky Ladybug will grant our wishes, help us transform into our new bright self and teach us to have faith in the magic of the Universe.”


The fearless and kind Lion is a powerful creature that symbolizes courage, nobility, power and justice. Bravery is in its nature and it is the protector who can teach us to remember our divine heritage.”


The unpredictable and imaginative Monkey represents the dark side of the human soul and can teach us how not to judge very quickly or be dependent only on our physical senses to find our spiritual truth.”


The diligent and very clever Mouse is very careful, examines and overanalyzes things. It can teach us how to face all of our fears and insecurities and follow our heart.”


The skillful and intuitive Octopus represents will, focus, illusion and expansion and it moves in its liquid world, affected by the moon. It can teach us acceptance and forgiveness for all of our inner aspects.”


The perspicacious and wise Owl is a lonely laborer of night and guardian of the spirits. It symbolizes mystic knowledge, transition and mysticism and it helps us listen to our inner voice and find our true path in life.”


The cute but also strong Panda is capable of connecting the visible with the invisible and it is a symbol of gentle power. It can teach us how to focus, be strong-willed and work on the balance and evolution of our soul.”


The intuitive and protective Panther is a symbol of courage and silence, it is lonely and will help us eliminate our fears and embrace the death of the Ego” so we can find our truth.”


The self-centered and stubborn Parrot is a communicative and artistic creature that loves bright colors and can teach us how to bring hope in our lives and when we must talk or keep quiet.”


The beautiful Peacock of noble origin is a symbol of integrity and immortality and an emblem of love and kindness. It is related to conceit, awakening and insight and its wings have the eyes of the stars.”


The disciplined and steady Penguin is social and takes care of its community. It can teach us how to sacrifice ourselves to become better people and how to work with our dreams and travel to the astral plain.”


The fiery Phoenix is a symbol of the sun, transformation and rebirth and guardian of the Fire of Creation. It willfully ignites itself to be reborn and it can teach us about hope and inner development of ourselves.”


The smart and decisive Pig is a symbol of prosperity, ignorance, fertility and luck. It is correlated with lust and the illusions of the physical plain and it can help us avoid an addictive behavior.”


The Pigeon is a symbol of love and peace, it is associated with the need to return back to the safety of our home and it will help us find our way back to it or to whatever it represents. It is a celestial messenger and helps us heal wounds of the past.”


The kind, fearful and restless Rabbit symbolizes good luck and spontaneity. It is also, a symbol of abundance and fertility and can teach us planning ahead in our lives, vigilance, productivity and intuition.”


The exhibitionist and honest Rooster is the guardian of time and a solar symbol of awakening that welcomes the sun every morning. It represents sexuality and brings enthusiasm, humor and optimism in our life.”


The versatile and intuitive Salamander is a symbol of balance, visions and enlightenment. It’s a creature of the sun that wanders through the night and can teach us hyper perception contributing in our transformation.”


The persistent and decisive Salmon will guide us through the return to our roots or whatever they represent to us and it will teach us how to overleap obstacles not with strength but with cleverness.”


The passionate and insidious Scorpion is connected to death, sex and defense. It’s a symbol of protection and a promise of transformation, that can help us control our passions.”

Sea Horse

The protective, romantic and stubborn Sea Horse will teach us how to share our responsibilities with our partner and how to love ourselves just the way we are.”


The intuitive and playful Seal is a symbol of creativity and it represents our inner voice and the trust we need to have in it. It can help us balance our emotions and learn from our relationships with others.”


The perspicacious and full of curiosity Shark symbolizes survival and moving forward in life knowing that death is just a delusion. It can teach us not to consume ourselves with emotional dramas but to follow our primordial instincts.”


The patient, obedient and social Sheep is a symbol of innocence and new beginnings. It reminds us to use all of our senses, to not make quick decisions, to not follow the herd and to use our own respectable experiences.”


The patient and kind Snail appreciates the small things and the beautiful moments in life and teaches us the sacred nature of the spiral. It can help us slow our lives down, protect our inner child and learn to trust.”


The majestic and intuitive Snake is a symbol of eternity, healing and rejuvenation. It represents the hidden knowledge, the pursuit of balance and transformation, when it leaves behind it its old form to be reborn.”


The happy and friendly Sparrow is a teacher of flight and represents self-esteem and safety in numbers. It teaches us to be active so we may live a full, happy and healthy life.”


The open-minded and cunning Spider is an ancient symbol of mystery and power. It is creative and waives our destiny, supporting progress and drawing our attention to the choices we make in life and the planning of our thoughts.”


The playful, prudent and ingenious Squirrel is a solar creature and symbolizes concentration, future planning and energy saving. It can teach us how to have fun and take life less seriously.”


The intuitive and patient Starfish will bring the power of the subconscious and rebirth in our life and it will teach us how to materialize our goals using unusual ways.”


The inventive and talkative Swallow will fly in our lives to bring hope, teach us how to be loyal to our family and friends and how to overcome puniness to have a full life.”


The elegant and balanced Swan is a symbol of love and relationships. It represents purification, harmony between the cosmic powers, transformation and teaches us about poetry, the joy of movement as well as the way of finding our inner beauty.”


The royal and unpredictable Tiger is considered to be a protector of the dead and maintains the balance of the cosmic powers preventing chaos. It’s a healer and symbol of wealth, the sun but also of the dark.”


The protective and innocent Turtle symbolizes longevity and patience and it represents cosmic order and memory. As the oldest symbol of the Earth, it can teach us to slow down and honor the creative power within us.”


The peaceful and gentle Unicorn is a symbol of magic, purity and innocence and represents the development of intuition through visualization, the healing capabilities and the restoration of a broken spirit.”


The resourceful, patient and innovative Vulture is a symbol of death and rebirth and it represents purification, tolerance and renewal. It can teach us how to act in unusual and clever ways.”


The intuitive and protective Whale is the guardian of the Earth’s secrets and symbolizes the womb of the natural world. It can teach us acceptance and the magic of sounds, songs and communication.”


The ingenious and kind Wolf is very clever and communicative and it is a symbol of freedom and faith. It can teach us how to read natures signs, be honest and avoid trouble.”


The decisive and progressive Woodpecker is an attention grabber and a creative creature that brings opportunities in life and can help us discover the power of rhythm and be conscious of our words.”



The protective and indecisive Zebra represents the polarity of right – wrong in life and it teaches us the beauty of individuality and the use of the energy of light and darkness to change realities.”

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