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The company TREE PATH PLTD promotes issues of psychology, self-improvement and ecology through the Gaiastron Publishing House, the Totem project, its seminars and activities.

ψυχολογίαDuring our lives we are called to face difficult situations that can sometimes make our everyday life too difficult, even leading to the development of mental disorders. Psychotherapy can help us deal with these difficulties and learn to manage situations and people that harm our mental health.

However, to be able to cope with the present difficulties, we must first discover the root causes of our symptoms that lie deep within our soul. Through psychotherapy we will get to know ourselves better, but also the rest of the world around us.

Psychotherapy is a process of commitment from both the therapist and the client, which requires dedication, honesty, respect and of course trust. The therapist is committed to complete confidentiality through confidentiality, which will only be broken under specific circumstances. If you need help and want to start psychotherapy, please contact us.



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About Tree Path PLTD

The company Tree Path PLTD (the “Path of the Tree”) is active in promoting books, seminars, activities and products related to philosophy, self-improvement, psychology and ecological issues.

Holds seminars in psychology and self-knowledge, through Gaiastron Publications presents to the reading public printed and electronic books with relevant topics, while through the Totem Animal Project is given for the first time the opportunity to approach the animals of Power that every person has with books, group visualizations and other actions.

At the same time, our company offers unique handmade products and treatment products.

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Totem-Power Animals Presentation

For more information on the subject of Totems and the role they can play in our lives, you can watch this webinar presented by THE BOOK OF TOTEM author Konstantia Karletsa and Evniki Saatsaki, publisher and mental health consultant.


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